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Buying on Premier Equipment

Look at a better option to buying your next piece of farm equipment.

We bring equipment to you via our proven online auction program. You are able to view multiple photos, review a complete description and in many cases view a video of the item being auctioned.

Our sister company Breeders’ World Online Sales has shown livestock producers the proof that selling online WORKS! Breeders’ World has grown over that past ten years from 10 sales per year to over 600 in 2013 with gross sales of nearly 30 million.

Features of our Online Auctions

  • Timed auction which allows bidding for up to 8 hours prior to the close.
  • Extended bidding time - Eliminates a sniper from out bidding you and the end of the auction
  • Max Bidding - allows you to place a private max bid on an item if you are unable to watch the sale.
  • Easy to navigate website
Buying Equipment has never been easier.

Premier Equipment World allows buyers from anywhere to purchase equipment. Below are a few frequently asked questions that should help you understand our process.


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