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With so many people looking for a new way to market and sell their equipment without the typical, run of the mill classified ad, local dealer lot, or consignment auction, we feel Premier Equipment World is the solution. We are capable of getting exposure and high bidder numbers that everyone is in search of.

Premier Equipment World brings the excitement of a live auction to thousands of potential buyers anywhere in the world while still allowing you to remain in control of your sale. An additional benefit is that you have the protection of a licensed and bonded marketing company to handle disbursement and collection.

We back our confident with facts; our sister company breederworld.com has over 60,000 different computers view our sales each month with over 20,000 registered bidders. This rapid growth can bring the attention and traffic that your sale deserves. We have the people and the best marketing plan and understanding of the auction psychology, all we need now is YOUR sale.

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